The Beginning of a Brand new Experience

Start up - FrontCube

Today is a very important day of my life. I have been through a lot and gained much experience, which has brought me to where I am now in life. Today is indeed an important day for me, because it will be the beginning of a whole new experience. It is something that I have given much thought to, but have been waiting for the right time. It is with great joy that I declare that I am launching my own web consultation firm!

When it comes to work, I’ve always preferred to be independent. That’s why I love entrepreneurship. Starting from around the second year of my undergraduate studies, I have been working on specific client projects until recent times. In addition, I was also running a very small web hosting company. During that period I realized something interesting. I understood that given a person has the proper set of skills and know how, making money is no big deal! From that realization, I began to plan on starting my career as a full-time freelancer.

Being born a Sri Lankan, I was faced with many challenges for the decision I had thought of taking. The culture and the mindset of the people are far different compared to the contemporary world. Life is looked at as a set of rules. First, you go to school until you’re done with high school. Then you get enrolled to a University, and once you have graduated, you’re supposed to find a 9 to 5 job so that you can make a living for the rest of your life! This is what is referred to as being “successful”. If you present yourself as a freelancer, they would defiantly underestimate your talent and skill and have the general idea of you as a low skilled person who cannot find a proper job.

After I graduated, my parents were eager on me to get a good job which would make them really proud. However I didn’t like the idea of working for a large company which has thousands of employees. I was keener on finding a very agile firm. With that in mind, I applied to Cinergix, the makers of Creately – which is the super awesome online diagramming tool. Soon, I was selected and really enjoyed working there (if you are dreaming of working in a very friendly and open cultured company you should definitely consider applying to work there). Nevertheless, the thought of working for my self and having my own company still lingered in my mind and became an important dream for me.

I recently came a cross a quote by Dale Carnegie in which he says “You never achieve success unless you like what you are doing.” That single quote was enough to change my entire life. Meanwhile, I had a very reputable overseas client base and they always encouraged me to start my own company and work with them. With the hopes of turning my dream into reality, I finally contacted them and informed them that I will be starting my company very soon. After that, I quit my day job and started focusing on starting up my own firm. I picked up some books on freelancing and entrepreneurship and gathered as much knowledge as I could about the skills that would be needed in running a business.

As I finally got started, they accepted the project within 2 weeks. From then I was completely overloaded with projects. So I decided to build a small but solid agile team. We currently comprise 5 members in the team which includes a designer, a developer, a system engineer, a technical writer and me. In addition, we expect to get another SEO person who would be joining with us in the coming months.

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