It Was a Good Year, The Best is Yet to Come

2010 review: It Was a Good Year, The Best is Yet to Come

We’re about to say goodbye to 2010 so it’s the best time to look back and review the year 2010 and make a firm resolutions list for 2011. I’m excited to make my new resolutions and plans public very first time.

Personally, 2010 was a fabulous and remarkable year for me. I’ve achieved many major milestones in my life.

  1. 06th of January – I got engaged to Mifrah who has been a great company for 8 years.
  2. 08th of February – I got my very first formal job at Cinergix
  3. 18th of Feb – I graduated with an Honors degree in Information Technology.
  4. 12th of JulyStarted FrontCube
  5. 30th of November – Bought my very first iPhone 4
  6. 31st of December – Launched my new blog design and moved to the new domain ASLAMNAJEEBDEEN.COM from MOHAMEDASLAM.COM

Life at FrontCube

From the very first day I’ve been very busy and sometimes even overloaded with an overwhelming number of projects. I never thought that I’ll reach such position to pick whatever project I like to work on this soon! I see this as a big accomplishment.

I had a great honor to work with some great companies. Some companies hired me several times for their different projects. Even some design companies partnered up with me to work on their client’s project regularly. I got many interesting joint venture as well as tech and non-tech start-ups invitations. I respectfully remember all my clients, business partners, and super contractors in this moment.

Community works.

In the aspect of community work, this was the worst year ever. I couldn’t contribute too much to open-source projects including my popular Ruby gem – Speedy. As all rookie business owners, I was struggling to find some spare time to contribute to the community. But I promise to release the new version of Speedy (with an astounding new name) at the beginning of March 2011.

I think I still need to study some good project management skills to organize my work. I was invited to many public talks this year but unfortunately I couldn’t participate in these events due to the deadlines.

Plans for 2011

I’m pretty confident that 2011 will be another blessed, yet challenging, year for me and the business. Here is the list of my goals for 2011:

  1. Grow FrontCube

    I’m looking forward to hiring some very talented people to work on client project as well as our web apps.

  2. Getting married

    It’s almost a year now since Mifrah and I got engaged. She will be graduating soon so we will get married and live together.

  3. Launch our non-techie start-up

    For now I cannot expose much about this start-up. Please keep eye on my blog, twitter, and FrontCube blog to get more information.

  4. Launch our first SaaS app

    As mention above, please stay tuned for more information.

  5. Work more on products and fewer clients’ project.

    This is my main goal ever since I started FrontCube.

  6. Blog more often

    I admit that my blogging was horrible for the last 2 years. There were very few posts, but amazingly those few post generated a high amount of traffic each and every day.

  7. Produce More Screencasts

    I love visual learning. I think that’s the best way available today to learn new technologies. This year I was able to produce only one screencast. I’ve planned to release at least one screencast per month from next year.

  8. Buy a new house

    Mifrah and I love to live in the beautiful city of Kandy. We think this is the best place to live in Sri Lanka. We hope to buy a house in Kandy before end of 2011.

  9. Contribute more to open-source projects

  10. Release Speedy 2.0 supports Mac and Linux distors.

    I created this gem one year back to automate the virtual host creation and rapidly deploy Rails app in development environment. Up to now there are more than 300 downloads, 31 watchers and 3 forks in GitHub. Initially I thought I’d be the only one to download this gem when I was pushing the source to RubyGems. I consider this is also a great achievement.


I’d like to thank my clients, super contractors, business partners, blog readers, screencast audiences, friends, and family for all the support, guides and encouragement. I wish you a very happy, healthy, wealthy, and successful new year for 2011.