How to say “No”: A book review of “NO” by Augusto Pinaud

This is the first of a series of book review posts that I will be doing.

I am a recovering people pleaser. I always find myself struggling not to offer too much of myself to others in order to keep them satisfied with my work.

Last month, I was working on a new project for a client. At the last minute I found myself working on a number of “can you just change this quickly” requests and unexpected “Can we meet in the evening for a quick chat?” proposals.

“No” by Augusto Pinaud: A Book Review

Today’s post is about a book that target’s problems like this. Today’s book is probably the best book written as a simple manual based on a single word. As the name of the book implies, it explains the different forms and implementation strategies of the word “NO”. I can already feel the impact that this book will have on my life and how I handle my expectations both of myself and of others.

The Three Uses of the Word “No”

According to the author, basically there are three functions of the word “No” that we use day to day.

  1. The “NO” that we should avoid – the “NO” we often speak to our kids and those who we love.
  2. The “NO” that we should use better – the “NO” we should speak to others.
  3. The “NO” that most important  – the “NO” that we should learn to tell to ourselves.

To get an idea about the difference between these different functions of the word “No”, watch the Ted talk delivered by the author below.

Even though the video summaries the main concepts, I still highly recommend reading the book yourself. After all, it is fairly a quick read.

Since this book was written using a natural speaking style,  the sentences are heavily comma separated and quite long. If the author were to use a properly accredited editor to proofread before publishing the book, I feel this could have been avoided. Despite the run on sentences however, the content of this book is certainly valuable and worth reading.

Is “No” The Right Book For You?

Do you find yourself struggling to say “NO” ? If so, then I advise you to pick up a copy of “No” by Augusto Pinaud. It’s just $2.99 on the Kindle and just over $7 in paperback format.

About the Author of This Book

Augusto Pinaud is a well respected member of GTD Virtual Study Group. Recently Pinaud was interviewed by Erik Fisher of Beyond the To do List podcast. It is through the Beyond the To Do List Podcast that II came to know about Pinaud’s book. (If you are in search of more ways to increase your productivity, you will definitely want to check out Erik’s podcast!)

Question: Are you struggling to say no? If so what are the specific circumstance? Comment blow and let’s discuss.