This is me…

I am Aslam Najeebdeen, and I have been an enthusiast in web development and design ever since I started writing my first code. My interest has transformed into a passion which always drives me to build elegant, engaging, as well as user oriented websites & web applications.

I reside in the beautiful city of Kandy in Sri Lanka. After completing my studies in Information Technology, I graduated in 2010 with a BSc. Honors degree. Even as I was in my second year at the University, I took the opportunity to work on a part time basis as a freelancer. The experience I gained and the strong client base provided me with the necessary knowledge and expertise, as I contemplated on establishing my own firm.

I am someone who believes that “LESS is MORE” and hence the practice of Agile is my kind of style.

Basically, I love sharing the knowledge I have gained through my experience whether it is from the day to day work or simply extra knowledge from the Internet. One of the things I enjoy is that I occasionally produce screencasts on topics of web design and development. Furthermore, I am always looking forward to speak in user group discussions and meetings, as well as public events related to the web.

When it comes to the Web, I am really passionate about Ruby, Rails, web usability, typography, accessibility, user experience, web standards and all sorts of cutting edge and emerging web technologies. So much so, that I spend most of my time in front of the MacBook Pro crafting sexy websites and hacking Ruby and Rails.

Many developers and designers usually have other interests and hobbies that help them enjoy themselves. But as far as I am concerned, Web is my everything. Nevertheless, I do enjoy reading as well, especially on technical subjects, as well as self-help stuffs.

Web development is not my profession, it’s my passion. I look forward to learning cutting edge technologies and I always try to adopt them for each of my new projects I work on, in the most suitable manner.

Thank you very much for your interest and I appreciate your time spent in knowing a little bit more about me.

Have project in mind?

I can help you with your next web project and provide you with unique designs that will make you stand out from the competition. Hire me at FrontCube™.

What is FrontCube™?

FrontCube™ is my small yet well established Web design company. We provide complete services ranging from graphic designing to website designing as well as complex web application developments with Ruby on Rails. Please visit the official website for more information.